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A dead car battery is one major culprit behind your car not starting up. Still, you can make use of some tips and tricks to start your car even with a dead car battery.

To start your car with a dead battery, you can either push start the car or recharge the dead battery. For a manual transmission car, as your friends start pushing the car, turn on the ignition key, have the car in 2nd gear, and press the clutch. For an automatic transmission car push, starting won’t work, and you must get a battery charger.

This blog post will go through every trick to start a car’s dead battery. First, let’s get started with how to start an automatic vehicle with a dead battery.

How to Start Automatic Car With Dead Battery?

Starting an automatic transmission car with a dead battery can differ from starting a manual transmission car with a dead battery.

Start tapping the battery terminals first; if that doesn’t work, you can try starting the car in neutral. You can also trick the computer or use jumper cables, and if nothing works, roadside assistance companies provide a range of services, from roadside emergencies to arranging tow truck services. All of these tricks are explained briefly in the below section.

Tap the Battery Terminals

Mostly when your car battery is acting dead, there are chances that the battery terminals have corroded or are dirty. Battery terminals, when covered in gunk, won’t properly signal the electrical currents, so you won’t be able to start your car.

You don’t have to worry because you can clean out the battery terminals and have the dead battery alive. If you don’t have the right tools, you can try tapping a battery terminal to get rid of the dirt and let it have a better connection.

Try Starting the Car in Neutral

If tapping the battery terminals didn’t work for you, try starting the car in neutral.

In some cases, shifting the gears can aid in making electrical contact inside the neutral safety switch. The transmission range selector is another name for this condition. To see if it helps, try starting the car in neutral.

You can also try this trick when your car is slightly inclined to kick-start it. Make sure the way is clear so you won’t stumble upon anything when your car starts.

Trick the Computer

If your car’s battery is dead, you can try to trick the computer. What happens is that the air-fuel ratio for a cold engine may become too lean under certain conditions. This can frequently result from faulty temperature sensors or a vacuum leak.

You can attempt to deceive the computer into starting the engine with additional fuel. Before turning on the engine, do this by half-pressing the accelerator. This could need a few tries to succeed, but it will eventually get your car moving.

Use Jumper Cables

If your car battery is not working by tricking the computer or tapping the terminals, you can start it using a portable jump starter. Car owners must own a portable jump-starting kit in their cars for emergency purposes.

Jump starters can have your dead car battery come to life in a few steps. Before you jump-start a car battery, make sure you read the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle. You need a jump starter and jumper cables to jump-start your car battery.

Next, identify the negative and positive terminals on your battery. Usually, these terminals are marked with a positive plus or negative minus sign.

Portable jump-starting kits come with attached jumper cables or in the form of two clamps. One is a red clamp or a positive cable, and the other is a black clamp or negative cable. Keep them separate to avoid the possibility of a spark.

Before jump-starting your car battery, ensure that the car and jump starter’s power switch is turned off. Start by connecting the red clamp to the positive terminal on your car battery and the black clamp to some grounded metal surface or unpainted piece of metal in the engine. Never connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of a dead battery.

When the jumper cables are installed properly, turn the key in the ignition to start the vehicle. Hold on to the key for a couple of seconds to have your vehicle running. If your car battery power is still insufficient, try to give the battery pack some time to cool down before making another attempt.

If your jump-start is successful, you can hear your engine start working on its own. Start by removing the negative cable from the car and then remove the positive cable from the positive terminal of the car battery.

However, if your jump start doesn’t work and you find yourself repeatedly twisting the key in the ignition without the engine, you might be dealing with a bigger issue.

Call a Professional

If you find your car battery dead even after trying all the tips and tricks mentioned here, then you need to arrange services ranging from roadside assistance services. Such roadside assistance companies provide a variety of services like a tow truck or jump-starting a car battery. You can also contact a roadside assistance service in case of any roadside emergencies. These professionals can tell you whether you need to go for a damaged battery replacement or need jumper cables to start your car.

How to Prevent Car Battery From Dying?

If your car battery dies now and then, you can follow the tips below to prevent your car batteries from getting drained more often.

  • To begin with, be sure to include routine battery testing in your maintenance schedule. Ask the service providers to evaluate the battery life and notify you when it’s time to consider getting a new battery.
  • Keep your battery safe against harsh weather. When it’s possible, store it inside during the winter or summer; if that’s not an option, think about using an insulated blanket to protect your battery.
  • See if a buddy can come to start the car and drive it around the block once or twice while you’re out of town if you won’t be using it for a few weeks. This will ensure that the battery stays charged.
  • Of course, you also want to ensure that you don’t leave any lights or appliances on when the car isn’t running because they are significant battery drains.

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How to Start a Manual Car With a Dead Battery?

Thinking about a scenario where you have to start a car with a dead battery is exhausting. And if you have a manual transmission car, you better prepare yourself for push-starting. Here we are going to show you how you can do it safely and give you some alternative options in case your battery isn’t the one causing the issue.

Push Starting

To push start your car, check whether you are on a slope that is too steep. If you are, then it is not safe to push your car because you might lose control if the battery doesn’t start.

In any case, a slight incline would work the best to get your car rolling, but avoid anything steeper than that. Also, make sure to clear out the path while you push start a car. Controlling your steering wheel and brake pedal can be challenging when you push-start a car.

When your friends start pushing the back of your car, turn the ignition key to the “on” position while seated in the driver’s seat. For cars with push-button starts, press the button repeatedly until the ignition turns on; the dashboard lights should then illuminate in red.

Push the clutch to apply the parking brake while shifting into second gear. You should not use first gear since it could cause the automobile to buck down severely. While applying brake pressure, let go of the parking brake.

Release the brake now, and have your pals begin to push the car. You’re good to go if the engine starts! If it doesn’t, carry out the steps again at a much faster pace. If the second attempt similarly fails, your issue is probably not with the car battery.

Using A Jump-Start Box

Jumper cables are typically small portable batteries known as jump-start boxes. Compared to jumper cables, they use software to prevent voltage spikes that could damage your car’s electrical system.

Some additionally feature AC outlets, integrated safety lights, and USB ports for charging smartphones. They are also inexpensive and simple to find in hardware and auto parts stores. It is worthwhile to invest in one and have it in the car at all times for the convenience they can offer in the event of roadside emergencies.

Call a Roadside Assistance Services

If none of the tricks mentioned here worked for running a vehicle with a dead battery and you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, you could always call a roadside assistance service. Experts there can arrange a battery service for your car or replace your battery immediately with a new one.


How to Fix a Dead Car Battery Without Jumping it?

Manual transmission cars with dead batteries are easy to fix using the push-start method. However, for the automatic transmission car’s battery to be dead, you might need a portable battery charger or a working battery to run the vehicle.

Can You Drive With a Dead Battery?

Yes, you can still drive a car with a low battery. It will be more difficult to start, but as long as your battery is still somewhat charged, it should continue to operate.

How Long Should a Car Run to Charge the Battery?

For the alternator to sufficiently charge the battery, you must run the car’s engine for around 30 minutes.

What Does It Mean When You Turn the Key and Nothing Happens?

When the ignition key is in the “Start” position, and nothing happens, the starter motor is not turning the engine over. Most frequently, a dead battery could be the culprit.

Does Rev Engine Charge Battery Faster?

Faster engine revs will result in a faster charge for the battery. Because the belt that drives the alternator spins faster, the faster the crankshaft spins. Additionally, the alternator creates more electricity the quicker it spins, which is used to power all the electrical components in the automobile.

Final Considerations

Now, you don’t have to panic if you end up with a dead battery. You can try using the tips mentioned in this article, or you can always appoint a roadside assistance service.

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