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Roadside assistance service is a real blessing for anyone in an unpredictable situation. However, it may also take some time if the emergency site is far from the assistance.

Usually, the roadside assistance arrives within 30-45 minutes (approximate). But the emergency roadside assistance arrives sooner. It depends on how far your car is from the roadside assistance provider.

In any case, it is important to call the best roadside assistance company so that sooner or later, someone arrives for help. Here, you will know what the service covers, what not, and what you should do until it arrives. Let’s Start!

What is Roadside Assistance in New Jersey?

New Jersey is a public state that requires roadside service now and then. Road Speed Solutions is the go-to company for this venture, where they assist within the maximum time frame of 45 minutes. They go from lockout service to fuel delivery and everything in between.

Why is Roadside Assistance Important?

Roadside assistance is important because we never know how a professional can handle a difficult situation in a very critical and accessible manner. The professionals of the companies are experts in their field. They provide different services that a normal person doesn’t know.

For example, it includes battery service, spare tires for a tire change, minor repairs, towing to a repair shop, replacement of dead batteries of a car, or repair of any sign of car trouble.

Whenever you encounter a roadside emergency, seek help from a professional and reliable source. Accidents can happen out of nowhere.

Whenever your car doesn’t start on the road, contact your tried and tested roadside assistance program, describe your breakdown location, and get details about services that may require.

What does Roadside Assistance Coverage Entail?

The roadside assistance covers basic emergencies, which include fuel delivery, jump-start service, flat tires, and lockout services. So, the assistance cost is not too high.

The situation doesn’t need to happen in an unforeseen place but can also occur nearby. In the nearby area, calling for a tow truck is all, as the tow truck will take your car to the nearest roadside assistance provider.

Some companies offer extra features for an additional fee (and you can get the benefits if money is not an issue), but you can expect the essential roadside services described below.

Changing a Flat Tire

Roadside assistance services provide mobile tires which are easy to change and a perfect fit for the time being. A flat tire can be experienced by anyone and anytime, even if you have a new car. The mobile tires replace a flat tire and effectively work for any vehicle to reach a service station. Otherwise, they can also tow your car to the location for a suitable replacement.

Car Battery Replacement

Car battery replacement does not usually require an urgent change as the engine starts cranking well before the battery is damaged. But a roadside service provides the help. The roadside assistance gives immediate replacement of the car batteries. The coverage is also available for a truck, and the drivers can call for repairs anytime. It does not even cost them hefty money. The service is affordable if the site is within 45 minutes of traveling.

Battery Jump Start Service

To make discharged and depleted batteries work for one last time in any emergency, there is a dire need for jump-start service. Luckily, roadside assistance allows users to take their car to the service station or their destination where they planned to arrive initially. Such repair is not permanent as it requires a long-lasting solution. However, the drivers should see that the battery needs replacement soon.

Otherwise, failure in jump-start is no big deal, as the companies allow towing coverage of your car to the repair location.

Gas Delivery Service

We never know when a car runs out of gas or fuel, even if it is shown right before us. Most of the time, people overanalyze the gas situation and go on with their venture. However, the vehicle decides to go on a strike. So, in any such case, roadside assistance should be the go-to platform to contact that can help people timely. It is not a repair but an essential service that the customers expect to be done as soon as possible.

The companies also give the towing service to the nearest filling station. You only have to check the sign of low fuel before your journey.

Lock Assistance

When we talk about encountering unforeseen situations, what can get worse? This time is the lockout service. Some people usually lock themselves out of their car either because of remote functioning or forgetting the car key inside. Roadside assistance provides an immediate solution with their locksmith service. However, you can also get the towing service from the closest locksmith shop.

Roadside Assistance Doesn’t Cover All Issues

The roadside service is a lifesaver in time of need. Unfortunately, it does not cover all the issues related to vehicles.

Disassembling or Dismantling Your Vehicle

Roadside assistance provides basic coverage, primarily listed in the above points. The maximum it will do is towing your car to the desired location. It doesn’t include disassembling or dismantling your car along the roadside.

What to do While Waiting for Roadside Assistance

Turn Hazard Lights On

It is important to turn the hazard lights on so that the assistance or towing van coming for help knows about our location from a distance.

Move Far Away From Busy Road

Moving away from the busy road is safe as it would affect traffic flow. It also prevents damage from any incoming traffic. Your car insurance company may not give you money for your mistake.

Make Sure You’re Visible

You should ensure you are visible. Again, it will help the rescuer to spot you easily, as well it will avoid any accident.

Stay Alert

Sometimes, the emergency happens at such a place that the driver cannot move to a safe spot. For instance, they were hit by a big vehicle. So to save themselves from such hardship, the driver should stay alert and keep an eye on every move.

Be Patient

Even if there is an emergency team, it also requires some time to reach the place of the incident. So, it is advisable to wait and stay patient as the help arrives for them as soon as it can.

Check Out AAA Roadside Assistance / Some Facts You Need to Know:

Call Road Speed Solutions!

Since now you know what to do while you wait for help, who should you call? Road Speed Solutions team is here to help you in any roadside car trouble. You get all the mentioned services, from on-spot fixation to towing.

In case of trouble, calling your insurance company is useless as they will try to avoid any reimbursement. Instead, contact Road Speed Solutions, who will professionally handle your case and make your car run like new.


What are the Benefits of Getting Roadside Assistance?

There are a lot of roadside assistance benefits. The roadside services provide professional help in every regard, saving your vehicle from getting into serious trouble.

Any roadside assistance takes a significant toll on help in the industry of automobiles. It also acts as the nearest repair facility even if the vehicle towed in an unforeseen situation requires it. The service call is the first and last step here as it does not bind the customers to get into formalities.

Final Consideration

We all make mistakes, and we all forget to keep a check on our vehicles in our busy routines. However, due to such negligence, if a driver encounters any such situation, they should immediately call for roadside services as they are the only ones who know what to do in such circumstances. Calling Road Speed Solutions is the best. The professionals will fix the issue or provide towing service to the nearest repair shop.

Agustin is part of the team at Road Speed Solutions, a reliable and efficient roadside assistance business with over a decade of experience in New Jersey.

What sets Road Speed Solution apart is the team's commitment to giving back to the community, regularly donating to local charities and supporting small businesses. Choose Roadside Speed Solutions for prompt, trustworthy roadside assistance services.