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The battery serves as a soul to any vehicle and its mobility. It is important to invest in a good quality battery and then take care of it; otherwise, it can cause a waste of money.

Optima is considered one of the best batteries, while EverStart Maxx is among the most budget-friendly. But there are many options available in the market, and the selection of the right one is vital.

The battery of a car should never be dried out or undercharged. Otherwise, it will cost you both time and money. But before we go deeper, let’s have a look at a burning question here.

Why Do You Need to Pick A Reliable brand?

First off, the battery is the powerhouse of any vehicle as it provides the required initial energy to the engine. And all the battery manufacturers are well aware of this point when they make one.

If the battery does not provide enough power supply, then your vehicle is of no use, as there won’t be any movement. That’s why selecting a good car battery brand is necessary that can live up through thick and thin.

On the other hand, battery from any cheap source will kill your options with jump-starting.

So, to be on the safe side, always go with a quality brand no matter what. We just have our top 10 car battery brands that have stood the test of time, and we want you to try them too. Have a Look!

Top 10 Car Battery Brands


NAPA is a well-known car battery brand in the auto parts industry that serves years-long battery life. The NAPA batteries possess lithium-ion batteries having lead-acid gel and AGM that is absorbed glass mat. AGM batteries are the best available battery on the market.

The best part about NAPA is that it is maintenance-free, and its high reserve capacity is impeccable.

The possession of lithium-ion batteries features reliable reverse and impactful performance, which makes the brand stand out from others. This battery is not similar to other conventional batteries as it is more efficient.

There are multiple internal resources that also back up the brand, and the durability becomes more exceptional and trustworthy.

2. EverStart Maxx

EverStart Maxx is considered one of the most affordable car batteries because of its low cost and durability. It is also among the best car battery brands in terms of affordability.

The manufacturers of EvertStart Maxx are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, named Johnson Controls. The brand is considered to be a reputable firm that deals in low prices and reliable car batteries.

The best part is their accessibility, as they are also available at Walmart.

The batteries are designed to cater to both extremely hot and freezing weather. So, these are better than other conventional batteries.

The EverStart Maxx lead acid and other car batteries are one of the most popular.

3. Optima

Optima came forward as a competent brand after 2012 when the durability of most car batteries became better than ever. They are included in the best car battery brands worldwide.

This company doesn’t only provide traditional batteries for automobiles on roads but also for the marine industries.

Optima batteries come under the umbrella of Johnson Controls. The battery failure is minimum in this regard, and it provides the working of an AGM battery.

Optima surely fulfills the requirement of the new car battery that is required after a certain time for every passenger vehicle. Such an automotive battery is a wet cell battery that works efficiently as a dry battery works.

One of the most promising elements that Optima provides is the Absorbent Glass Mat which is best for passenger vehicles. In most cases, it is the best for military vehicles as well. The main reasons for their selection are leak-proof and vibration resistance.

Moreover, this is included in low-maintenance batteries, which provide a computerized battery charger as well. It is a battery brand that can be trusted with closed eyes as compared to other battery brands in the market.

The newest edition in the features of Optima batteries is the lead acid batteries with spiral cell technology, considered one of the most convenient batteries for users.

The best part about this company is that it provides battery chargers that are computerized. Very few battery brands provide a computerized charger.

Optima is excelling day by day in the market of automobiles, and a customer should definitely give it a try considering that it provides an AGM car battery.

4. XS-Power

XS-Powers possesses seven peerless products to satisfy the needs of its customers. The company was founded in 2005 by Scotty Johnson. The company’s headquarters is based in the United States of America, which has networks of suppliers all over the globe.

XS-Power provides batteries related to vehicles for military, commercial, and passenger vehicles, marine, racing, and Powersports.

This car battery brand features many helpful systems, including vibration resistance and high reserve capacity.

There is diversity and durability in the products of XS-Power that makes them stand out in the market. One of the best battery brands that are available in the market vouch for this battery for longer use.

5. Duracell

Duracell is a well-known and also among the best car battery brands.

The headquarters of Duracell is based in Geneva, Connecticut, and the United States of America. Mallory and Ruben initiated the brand in the year 1920.

The brand is not only successful in making a regular battery but also in the high voltage batteries that are used in automobiles and passenger vehicles. Duracell became an international brand within no time and became a powerhouse for many customers to rely on.

Duracell made its way into the industry for many reasons, as it solely provides batteries for e-cars, caravans, motorboats, yachts, and even construction machines.

We all understand that all such machinery requires high voltage and efficient power access in order to work smoothly. Duracell made sure to provide top-notch quality and durability to its consumers.

The exceptional strength of Duracell batteries can be found in its products, such as Extreme EFB, Extreme AGM, Advanced, and Starter. All these batteries provide optimum starting power to the engine with impeccable quality.

which car battery brand is the best

6. ACDelco

ACDelco is also a well-known brand for car batteries. The company was started by General Motors in 1916 and provided durable and affordable quality.

These batteries are also reliable for military trucks and various passenger vehicles. The availability of batteries is quite accessible, and the performance is up to the mark as compared to the other brands of car batteries.

ACDelco Advantage Battery is the best car battery brand that you can purchase. The cycling capacity, in combination with Absorbent Glass Mat, provides a spill-proof design. Besides this, it has a valve-regulated recombinant technology that ensures potential durability.

7. Interstate

Interstate is a brand that was started in the 1950s in Texas but crossed all the borders because of its amazing quality. The man behind the company was John Searcy, who made it to the states by providing a durable battery resource.

This battery is not only designed for cars but also for trucks, marines, and agricultural vehicles, including heavy-duty lawn trucks as well.

The best 5 products of the brand in line are M, MT, MTP, MTX, and MTZ. The brand provides unique and diverse products per its customers’ desires.

These batteries are of best use if one lives in a hot climate. However, their work is also exceptional in freezing cold temperatures and has long service life for the customers.

8. Expert Power

Expert Power has been a well-known brand in the batteries industry since 1987. Since its inception, the company has tried to maintain its quality by providing good quality batteries at an affordable rate.

There are mainly three battery products that are lined up in their lists such as Sealed Lead Acid, LifePO4 Series, and Power Stations cells.

The high-quality performance of the Lead Acid Batteries is because of the use of an Absorbent Glass Mat.

As far as other electronic products are concerned, Extra Power provides batteries for toys, UPS, and lights, besides passenger vehicles. For such cases, the LifeLOP4 is the best car battery brand to go for from the products line-up.

Lithium iron phosphate is the element that makes it stand out in other products. No matter how much power is required, the right amount of lithium iron phosphate would provide high energy.

9. DieHard

The Die Hard company was founded in 1967 by Roebuck and Company. It is among the best car battery brands in terms of affordability.

The company aims to provide such batteries that would last longer than a vehicle’s life. For this very reason, the company tries to work day and night on an efficient car battery every time.

The DieHard batteries ensure that the right amount of energy is provided to the cells and today’s modern accessory-loaded vehicles work properly on that.

The batteries are used for marines and sports vehicles as well along with passenger vehicles.

The main 5 products of the company are Red, Silver, Golden, Platinum, and AGM DieHard batteries which provide high-quality assurances.

The batteries are designed in a way to work efficiently in both extremely hot and cold weather. Moreover, the thing that matters the most in this battery type is that it increases the reserve capacity and power of the vehicle as well.

10. Bosch

Bosch is also among well-reputed car battery brands. It was founded back in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart. The amazing lead grid system makes bosch batteries outstanding in the automotive industry.

The production line makes batteries for cars, trucks, automobiles, and other vehicular mediums. Also, they make various types like S3, S4, S5, and even S6 AGM batteries.

But, as a well-known brand, these are not cheap batteries. They may cost a bit higher than other competitors. However, once you get one, it will last for several years.

Which Battery Should You Buy?

Basically, it depends on your preference. All the battery brands are well-known, well-reputed, and provide high-quality performance. However, Optima battery is considered the best battery brand.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget battery, DieHard is the best.

But if you want regular lead acid batteries like many car owners, you can also rely on EverStart Maxx.

On the whole, you have a wide palate of car battery brands (ten are given above), and each one excelling in its respective name. Failing to choose the right one means struggling with a dead battery every now and then.

Check Out Which Car Battery Is Best? Let’s Find Out:

Types of Car Battery

A car battery comes in different sizes and shapes. Here are the 8 widely used car battery types:

  1. Flooded Lead Acid Battery (Wet Cell)
  2. Gel Cell Battery (Dry Cell)
  3. Lithium Ion Battery (Li-Ion)
  4. Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)
  5. Deep Cycle Battery
  6. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
  7. Absorbent Glass Mat Battery (AGM)
  8. Silver Calcium Battery

Tip & Tricks for Selecting the Most Reliable Car Battery Brand


The size of the battery matters as it should be able to fit in the space. However, it is among the side factors to consider, while others are more important.

The idea is to find a durable battery, almost all of them fit in the bumper as per the model of the car.

The motive is to get the batteries from the best battery retailers. This ensures its high performance of it.

Type & Position of Terminals

Some of the best types and positions of car battery terminals for high performance are as follows:

  • WindyNation Brass
  • Editor’s Pick: Fastronix Top Post Battery Terminal and Cover Kit.
  • MNJ Motor Battery Terminals with Voltmeter
  • LotFancy Quick Release
  • Schumacher BAF-TTC Coated Top Terminals
  • Kicker BT4 Competition Battery Terminal
  • Parts PTT Multi-Battery Cable Assembly

If you are selecting a new battery, consider which type your vehicle requires.


It is better to get a battery that is not more than three months old for your car for high performance. The reason is that every battery ever since it has been made discharge as per their manufacturing.

An old battery is more prone to die quickly. It can make your car dead sooner. So, checking the manufacture date is vital to prevent early battery failures. However, you can also revive a dead car.

If a battery that is not less than three months old is available, then you should not go for the ones which are manufactured for more than six months in total.

Otherwise, it would be an absolute waste of money. The car manufacturers suggest purchasing a battery in this timeframe.


A customer should always purchase a battery that has a warranty period of 24 months.

Nothing less than this should be acceptable, as this is the ideal time to realize if the battery is a good fit for your vehicle.

It ensures getting superior performance and enhanced electrical flow. Also, a longer replacement warranty is essential.

Secondly, if someone wants to go by the miles, then any brand that provides a warranty of up to 36,000 miles is good to go in order to purchase the best batteries. Many car battery brands offer a large warranty period.


Having a look at the reserve capacity while purchasing a battery is as important as it is to look at the brand name. The power battery delivers based on the capacity it has.

The most suitable capacity is 65 aH/130 minutes @ 25 amp draw, provided by Odyssey batteries. They make great deep-cycle battery units.

Cold-Cranking AMP Rating

It is very important to consider the cold cranking AMP and the reserve capacity while purchasing a car battery.

It tells us how the battery’s starting power should align with the standard requirements that a vehicle possesses for smooth travel. Battery with such specifications should only be considered the best batteries.


A customer should always prefer maintenance-free batteries or those that require a minimum.

Many car battery brands do a battery test before making them commercial. It is because there are ample chances that a customer may forget to check up on the batteries.

So it is suitable to opt for the ones whose maintenance is easy to handle for battery posts. A cheap battery may not give your a maintenance-free option, so better avoid it.


What are Auto Batteries Made in the USA?

Battery Mart provides manufacturing of the best car batteries in the United States of America, such as Big Crank, Odyssey, Deka, and Energizer.

These are reputable brands that are made in the USA. All these are easily available on every online and on-site market in the state, where customers can purchase as per their suitability.

How Often Should a Car Battery be Replaced?

The car battery should be replaced every 4-5 years, but it also depends on the durability of the brand where it is taken from.

Another important factor is how well the customer takes care of the battery.

If the engine is cranking and the car won’t start, it is the biggest sign that the battery should be changed as soon as possible.

How do You Know if Your Car Battery is Dying?

There is a slow engine crank which indicates that the car battery is dying. A very hard pull of amperage from the engine is given whenever the battery gets started.

It is advisable to take the car to any service station as soon as you hear the cranking of the engine because that is the most initial and hazardous for any car battery.

Are NAPA Batteries Good?

NAPA batteries are extremely good and durable to use. The batteries are reliable and completely maintenance-free. So, it won’t be an issue for the driver to check if the batteries are dried out every now and then.

Are EverStart Car Batteries Good?

EverStart car battery is a good fit for anyone looking for reliable and affordable car batteries.

The durability and availability are commendable. If a person wants to go for a budget-friendly battery, then EverStart is a good match for them.

Final Consideration

Selection of the best car battery is vital, so it won’t deceive you when you need your car most. It should have a high CCA rating, capacity, longer warranty, and be maintenance-free. We’ve given you a list of the top 10 best car batteries for your vehicle. Select the one that suits you the most, and have a tension-free ride.

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