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Tire rotation is a crucial service that helps maintain even tire wear. One of the primary advantages of tire rotation in AWD is excellent traction. Do you need to rotate your all-wheel drive tires? At Road Speed Solutions, we offer fast and convenient tire change services

Whether at the home garage or office parking lot, our mechanic will arrive within 35 minutes. We offer fast and convenient AWD tire rotation service. You will be on the road within no time.

How AWD Systems Work and Their Effect on Tires

AWD systems are of different types. But the basics of their operation are the same. One common component in all-wheel drive vehicles is a center differential. This set of gears shares transmission power between the front and rear axles.

Another common part is the wheel sensors. The sensors detect when a tire begins to lose traction during acceleration. When it detects loss of traction, it transmits the issue to the car computer. The computer then provides more power to the affected wheel.

If you are on a muddy road and one wheel spins in one position, the sensor transmits this problem to the computer. The computer then provides extra power to that wheel. The increased speed and traction pull your vehicle from the mud.

So, does an all-wheel drive system affect the wearing of your tires?

Generally, driven wheels wear out faster. This is due to the torque applied to the tire treads. Tires in all-wheel drive cars wear faster than in front and rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Tire Rotation Patterns for All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

While AWD systems distribute power to all wheels, rear tires wear faster than front tires. Often, Rotation patterns follow the drive axle. Since AWD focuses on the rear axle, AWD rotations follow rear-wheel drive patterns.

Rearward Cross Pattern

The Rearward Cross is the best pattern for AWD and rear-wheel drive cars. In rearward cross rotation, you transfer the front tires to the rear axle on the opposite sides. The front right tire moves to the rear left tire position.

You can perform a rearward cross 5-tire pattern with a full spare tire. It is a modification that involves the spare matching wheel in the rotation. One of the front tires takes the spare tire position as the spare moves into a position of service.

Using the spare in this rotation increases your vehicle’s tire life by around 25 percent. It also keeps the spare tire alive by saving it from dry rot.


X-pattern is the alternative pattern to the rearward cross rotation. Although less beneficial, the x-pattern still minimizes uneven tire wear. It involves swapping the rear wheel positions with the front but on opposite sides, in the shape of an X.

You do not need an extra tire in this pattern.

Instances, where you cannot apply regular tire rotation, include all-wheel drive sports cars. The rearward and x-pattern rotations will also not work in staggered tires. Sports cars have directional tires. These rotate from the rear to the front. Staggered cars have wider tires in the rear than in the front. Staggered wheel tire rotation involves swapping the wheel positions of the rear tires. You move the right rear tire to the left and the left to the right.

Check Out AWD Tire Rotation – X Pattern:

Signs That Your AWD Vehicle Needs a Tire Rotation

The first sign is uneven tire wear. The primary reason your tires wear unevenly is keeping them in the same tire position for a long time. Another sign is when you begin to lose tire pressure. Vibrations and noises also show that your tires are out of rotation.

Identifying Uneven Tire Wear Patterns

Uneven tire wear can happen for many reasons. Suspension problems and misalignment are some of the causes of uneven wear.

Check the wear pattern to identify uneven wear caused by tires out of rotation. If you notice diagonal, patchy wear, it is time to have a technician from Road Speed Solutions rotate your tires .

Vibration and Noise: Unusual Warning Signs

If you drive past 45 mph and your car begins to vibrate, your tires are out of rotation. You should balance your tires if the vibrations are all over the car. If you just rotated your tires and still feel the vibrations, your tires are out of balance. Wobbling means you may have a bad tire.

Advantages of Regular Tire Rotation on AWD Vehicles

Longevity: How Tire Rotation Extends the Life of Your AWD Tires

Rotating your AWD tires reduces uneven wear. In all-wheel drive vehicles, rear tires wear faster than the front. Rotating them means the rear tires do not wear out before the front, extending your tires’ life span.

Safety Measures: How Rotating Tires Improves Vehicle Control and Stability

When one tire wears faster than the rest, the tires do not spin at the same rate on the road. This reduces the vehicle’s stability as one tire becomes smaller. Tire rotation also improves traction and stability, hence enhancing your safety.

Cost Savings: Understanding the Economic Benefits of Tire Rotation in AWD

Driving with even tires provides smooth, safe driving and saves money in the long run. Tire rotation reduces the chances of changing the rear tires before the front. Even tires also reduce strain on AWD components.


How Frequently Should AWD Tires Be Rotated?

Every 3,000-5,000 miles.

How Should AWD Tires Be Rotated?

One of the tire manufacturer requirements for a tire warranty is regular rotation. If you do not have a tire rotation schedule, do it every time you change your oil. AWD tire rotation goes as follows:

– The left rear tire goes to the right front tire position.
– The right rear tire goes to the left front tire position.
– The right front tire goes to the left rear position.
– The left front tire goes to the right rear position.

Is It Possible to Over-Rotate Tires on an All-wheel drive Vehicle?

You should rotate your AWD tires as often as possible.

Is It Bad to Drive an All-wheel Drive Vehicle Without Rotating the Tires?

Yes. It can harm your vehicle in many ways. Because AWD tires drive independently of each other, they tend to wear off faster than tires in rear and front-wheel drive vehicles. 

Final Considerations

One of the most important tire maintenance tasks is tire rotation. This helps improves your tires’ lifespan by reducing uneven tire wear. Do you notice uneven tire wear on your all-wheel drive vehicle? Call your trusted emergency roadside assistance service provider, Road Speed Solutions, today. We also offer roadside emergency services for fuel delivery

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