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Have you ever wanted to know how long an SUV battery will last? Did you ever wonder how many miles you can drive on one car battery? If so, then this article is for you. Batteries are crucial for most people since they are delicate and expensive.

A long-lasting battery is always on top of the list of buyers. The average car battery life is around three to five years. The car battery’s lifespan varies depending on how well you maintain it, the climate where you live, and how much you use your vehicle. Some batteries last up to six years, but those are rare cases.

Our article will significantly help you to know how long SUV batteries last, some battery maintenance techniques, and tips; you better read more!

How Long Does A Car Battery Last?

A car battery is a device that stores electrical energy and supplies power to the starter. It’s essential for starting the engine and other electrical systems in your vehicle. A battery is a lead-acid storage device that uses chemical reactions to produce electricity.

Many factors can affect the life of a car battery, including climate and driving habits. Most batteries will last between three and five years, although some manufacturers claim longer life spans. 

Some factors affect how long your car battery will last. Here are some of the most important:

Where You Live

Where you live is a significant factor. The climate and weather affect how long your car battery lasts because cold weather puts more stress on the battery, which can cause it to die sooner than expected.

For example, if you live in an extremely cold area during winter, the cold weather can cause condensation inside the battery, leading to corrosion and damage over time.

Driving Habits

Driving habits are another critical factor in how long your battery will last. How often and how far you drive can also affect how long your car battery lasts. For example, if you drive short distances or rarely use your vehicle, it will probably last longer than someone who drives farther or more often.

Moreover, when you start and frequently stop when driving, your battery will wear out faster than if you drove less frequently with fewer starts and stops.


A new car battery lasts longer than an old one because the older ones have more internal resistance and less capacity to hold a charge. A new battery at full charge will be able to crank over the engine several times before recharging.

As it ages, it loses this ability, so it may only be able to crank over the engine once or twice before needing to recharge. This can lead to problems that require more frequent charging.

Build Quality

Car batteries have lead plates and sulfuric acid as their main components. The quality of these ingredients determines how long your battery will last between charges. 

Cheaper batteries tend to have a lower percentage of lead in their plates, which reduces their durability and capacity for holding a charge over time. Better brands use higher quality materials that last longer under stress from heat and vibration.

Battery Installation

One of the most critical factors that affect battery life is how well the battery was installed at purchase time. An adequately installed battery, or properly tightened bolts, can prevent your new car from starting up or even dying while you drive it.

In addition, always install the right kind of battery in your vehicle. You should always choose a high-quality product with proper installation instructions so that everything goes smoothly during the installation process itself. 

Vehicles’Mechanical Health

Another factor that affects how long a car battery lasts is the vehicle’s health. In other words, if your car is old and worn out, it might be time for an upgrade. A healthy vehicle will maintain its performance longer than a worn-out one will.

To keep your vehicle running smoothly for as long as possible, you need to maintain its mechanical health by using good fuel quality and performing regular maintenance checks on your vehicle’s engine oil levels, tire pressure, brake pads, and other parts that require regular inspection by mechanics or professionals.

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How To Extend The Life Of Your SUV’s Battery?

Your car battery is the most crucial part of your vehicle. That’s why keeping your battery in top shape is so important. The good news is that you can do some simple things to keep your battery running solid and lasting longer.

Charge And Maintain Your Battery

The first step is to ensure that the battery is adequately charged. If the battery is allowed to get too low, it will not be able to deliver enough power to start the engine and could die entirely. Check the level of charge regularly by using a hydrometer or volt meter.

Suppose you have an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery; use distilled water instead of tap water, as this battery power requires pure water to operate appropriately. Do not overfill your battery with water; only use enough until it covers the plates inside it.

Limit The Depth Of Battery Discharge

Another way to extend your car battery life is by limiting its depth of discharge (DOD). The DOD refers to how much energy has been used from the battery before it is fully charged. How deeply discharged a battery gets will determine how quickly its capacity will decrease over time. 

The deeper you discharge the battery, the more quickly it will lose its ability to hold a charge and perform at optimum levels.

Signs Your Suvs Battery Is Dying

Here are some signs that your SUV battery may be dying:

A Slow-Starting Engine

A slow-starting engine is a sign of a dying battery. When the engine cranks slowly or fails to start, it’s usually because the battery has lost its charge and needs a battery replacement or jump start.

Dim Lights

If the lights in your car are dimming or flickering when you turn on the headlights or open the door, this could be another sign that your battery is dying. Dim lights can also indicate a loose connection between the alternator and the battery.

Check Engine Light 

When your car has a dying battery, it can sometimes cause the check engine light to come on your dashboard. The check engine light will stay on until you replace your battery or get it checked by an auto mechanic.

Bad Smell

In case you notice a terrible odor coming from under your hood, this could mean that the battery is leaking acid into the engine compartment. This can be dangerous because acid is corrosive and can cause damage to other parts of your car if left unchecked.

Corroded Connectors

A corroded connector can also indicate it’s time for a new battery. Corroded connectors may not look like much at first glance, but over time they can cause electrical problems with your vehicle’s electrical system.

Old Battery

While your car’s battery has been used for at least five years, it may be time for a replacement. Batteries are designed to last between three and five years; after five years, most batteries will need replacing whether or not they show any outward signs of damage.


What Happens When An Alternator Goes Out While Driving?

The alternator is responsible for generating the power that keeps your vehicle’s electrical system running. Without it, your car’s battery would deplete quickly, leaving you stranded with a dead battery. When an alternator goes out, it stops producing electricity for your car’s electrical system.

How Long Can A Car Sit Without Being Driven?

Every car is different, but as a general rule, you should drive your car at least once a month. When you’re used to driving your car every day and suddenly stop doing so for an extended period, your battery’s life will decrease. 

How Often Should I Start My Car To Keep The Battery Charged?

You should start your car every two weeks or once a week and let it run for a few minutes. This will ensure that your engine gets the fuel it needs and that the spark plugs are usually firing.

Does The Car Tell You When Your Battery Is Low?

Nowadays, most cars have a warning light to tell you when the battery is low.

Whether you have one of these vehicles, it’s usually located on the dashboard or instrument panel and will flash when there’s a problem with your car’s electrical system. 

The light may also come on when you start up and then go off after a minute or two, which means that everything is okay. However, if it stays on, then this could be an indication of a battery problem.

What Makes A Battery Long-Lasting?

Several factors influence a car battery’s longevity. Here are some ways to maximize the life of your battery:

– Battery’s physical size. 
– Higher Capacity
– Properly Charged
– Maintenance and cleaning

Final Consideration

SUV batteries are an excellent investment for anyone who needs to tow heavy loads or go off-road. It is essential to take good care of your car batteries so that it can last for a long time. An unhealthy battery’s maintenance and warning signs should be taken seriously, or you could be in for a big surprise!

If you have any questions about your battery or battery terminals or need a new one, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!

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