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Winters can be harsh, but they are brutal for your car’s battery. Many batteries fail to start in the cold weather or if they are not used for a longer period. So, how can you boost your car battery in no time?

To easily boost your battery, get help from another car owner and jump-start your dead battery. You will connect a jumper cable from your car to the donor vehicle. It will be enough to start your car.

However, many other ways are also available that can help you boost your car battery without anyone’s help. Curious? Let’s dive into the details!

What You’ll Need to Boost your Car’s Battery

First, let’s talk about boosting a dead car from a donor battery. You will need jumper cables, your dead battery, and a generous friend with a donor car.

But before we get into the procedure, let’s discuss the tools in detail to understand them better. You can also skip this part if you are in a hurry.

Booster Cables

The booster cables, also known as jump cables, are a pair of wires with two colors to boost your car battery. One has a black clamp, while the other has a red clamp. They are connected between terminals via cable clamps to make an electric bridge for ignition.

The red jumper cable is for the positive terminal, and the black clamp is attached to the negative terminal for both vehicles.

Jump Box

Using a donor battery to boost your dead car may seem convenient but also dangerous. Since you are unsure of the voltage or power surge from the other’s battery, there’s always a risk of other hazards. In such a case, a jump box comes in handy.

A jump box (sometimes called a booster pack) is a portable battery permanently attached to jumper cables.

It provides the voltage to your car’s battery at a safe level without damaging it, the engine, or other components.

Many jump starter boxes are lightweight and portable for any roadside assistance. They also have other additional accessories that prove life-saving in many scenarios.

How to Put Jumper Cables on Right

While connecting a dead battery to a donor battery, people often make mistakes and worsen situations. If you connect two car batteries of a dead vehicle and a working car with booster cables, you must follow a sequence.

First, connect the red cable with the positive terminal of the dead battery. Now connect the other end with the positive terminal of the working battery.

Next, take the black cable and connect it with the negative terminal of the dead battery. Attach the black clamp on the other end to any neutral ground like an engine metal block or vehicle chassis.

Once you have all the cables connected properly, first start the engine from the working vehicle and wait for a minute or two. Then ignite the engine of the car with a dead battery. If the vehicle starts, remove the clamps in reverse order.

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How to Boost a Car Battery With a Booster Pack

A booster pack is safer than someone’s vehicle if your car battery dies. Here’s how you can use it to jump-start your car.

Park Your Car in Proper Position

First, park your car so you can easily attach the booster pack.

Switch Off Lights and Other Electrical Equipment

Now turn off all the lights and all the other electrical accessories to avoid damage by the possible surge in voltage.

Attach the Positive & Negative Clamps to the Right Ends

Connect the negative black cable with any ground point like engine or chassis metal. Next, attach the red clamp to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Ensure you have firmly connected the negative cable and the positive cable.

Start Your Dead Car Battery

Now start your car if the engine roars instantly; well, done. You have to boost your car battery and score the point. Otherwise, turn the key a few more times.

Remove the Clamps

Now remove the negative cable first, then the positive cable.

Safety Tips on How to Hook Up a Car Battery

  1. Always wear work gloves and safety goggles before working. They will save you from any severe burns or corrosive combination.
  2. Taking care of your vehicles is vital. Keep the batteries and other parts in check. Also, never hesitate to get new ones if the parts require replacement.
  3. If you have roadside assistance from a donor car, park your vehicles safely to avoid accidents from incoming traffic.
  4. Using plastic covers is a safe option as it is a brilliant electrical insulator and saves you from shocks.
  5. If you want to boost your vehicle’s battery from a booster car, ensure it doesn’t have a too much higher voltage than yours.
  6. A dead vehicle’s battery sometimes leaks if not used for a long time and contaminates the engine bay. Keep it in check to avoid any mishap.


Can I Clean Battery Terminals Without Disconnecting?

Yes, you can clean battery terminals without disconnecting the clamps. Use an old toothbrush and a mixture of water with baking soda. Apply the mixture with the brush and scrub off the white substance. However, it is always safer to disconnect it first.

Why is My Car Battery Draining So Fast?

There could be many reasons. A few of them are listed below:

– It is not turned off properly
– It is old and worn out
– You have a faulty alternator
– You make frequent short trips, which gives the alternator less time to charge them
– It often boosts the extreme temperature

Can I Pour Pepsi on My Car Battery?

Yes, you can pour Pepsi or even Coca-Cola on your car battery. They serve as an instant remedy for cleaning them. However, make sure you wear your safety glasses before pouring them.

Can a Completely Dead Battery be Recharged?

Well, it depends. If the dead battery is not entirely depleted and has a few volts, you can charge it back to life. In contrast, if it is completely drained, there’s no way you can charge it back. In fact, we advise you not to do so and simply replace it with a new one.

How do You Test if a Battery is Good?

You can use a battery tester or any electrical tool like a voltmeter or ammeter. Connect the instrument to its terminals and check the readings. If they are under the safe mark, for instance, 12V in Voltmeter, then your battery is good to go.

Final Considerations

Jump-starting your dead car battery is not so complicated. You can use a donor car’s battery to boost your vehicle, or you can also use a booster pack to start your car. Either way, the process is simple, and now you know how to do it. So, keep a pair of booster cables in case your run out of battery juice during your journey.

But if your current situation doesn’t permit you to jump-start your own car, you can always call Road Speed Solutions, and help will be there in 15-35 minutes.

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